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Beaches Poetry

Wet Sands

Wet Sand   Flirtatious, loud, seductive Gentle waves caressing my body, hugging me My chair directed squarely upon the sand Until ever so slowly, from behind The lapping waves creep closer, no warning Forcing me down, restraining me Sucking me into its soft and supple core, wet sand Immobilizing me upon wet sand My chair slips salaciously down under wet sand A prisoner, affixed to sand


Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset   The summer sun retreats A painted sky reveals itself, enticing lovers all To linger, stretch out upon the sugar sand The sunset loudly proclaiming itself a colorful umbrella Cloaking secrets of passion, climaxing under sunset skies A mixture of perfume and sweet suntan oil Co-mingling under pastel ribbons of color Where bodies collide with streaks of orange fire Merging both, in sync with one another Perfectly content



  Quietly!  At first in patches, floating swiftly towards shore The fog, all powerful, gathers without warning—engulfing, obliterating A white-out, void of time and space All things disoriented, unable to see, rendered helpless   …But then, Fog sits quietly, embracing me, wet and sweet Coating the shore with silent resolve A perfect lover, understanding and soft It echoes the cries of sounds within its gentle embrace, And then, detaching itself, moves on.


Rhythmic Toes

A slow and lazy day at the beach I stretch my toes, digging into the wet, sugar sand The water licking my toes, frothing bubbles I squeeze my toes, curling them, thrusting sounds As back and forth-- stretch, squeeze, stretch, squeeze Until the lapping waves retreat their course, slowly A subtle withdrawal, laying bare my toes