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Anticipations Poetry



The rain is pounding once againimagesFOUZ3MY0

Relentlessly, a steely chill

The beating down of crushing rain

My spirits dim, a brooding pall


imagesBT1YMI44If only gentle rain would come

To soothe my soul with promises

To sweetly kiss my face

Instead of slapping me its full frontal blow

With searing rain that blasts my soul

And conjures thoughts of desperation

To run away to someplace else


Where sun would lift my weary soul

And sunbeams dance upon my face

Of love, of fairies dancing aboutimages219WAHL6

A splendid sight to lift my soul

To soar on wings of butterflies

As they delight in nectar sweet

Of rose petals scattered beneath my feet

Casting a sun drenched path toward heaven, my own retreat

In regal splendor kissed by sun


imagesQ6KN2IT5Alas, these dreams are soon dismissed

By pounding rain on my window sill

…but I will sit and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait–