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Hi to all! I am a writer and poet at heart!  From the time I could remember, I have always wanted to teach. I went to a Catholic school–a book in itself– and had my mom make a nun’s Halloween costume one year, and virtually kept it on throughout eighth grade! My passion is teaching writing, and even after several decades–long before most of you were born– I still cannot help but be amazed that the passion is still alive!   My entire family, including my three children, and daughter-in-law are teachers, from math (I don’t know how that happened with my lack of aptitude for this most important subject), to social studies, to special education, to principal of an elementary school, to assistant principal of a middle school to assistant superintendent!  I do believe we could start our own school!  I hail from the North Shore of Boston, where I received my bachelors, masters, and education specialist degree from Boston University—hear my accent?   I received my doctorate in administration and education with English as well.  I know that hard work pays off, since I am the first in my family to graduate from college.

My dog, Max, is truly the cutest and most loving dog anyone could wish to have!  Max is my five year old mini-schnauzer. This last year, I lost my six year old King Charles spaniel, Flanagan, and I am still deeply saddened. It was unexpected which makes it all the more difficult. I think he had undetected heart problems, which can sometimes surface around year five in this type of breed. He was a loving dog, and Max is still missing him.  On the bright side, just this past December, I went to the Eukanuba dog show in Orlando to watch  the breeds compete and fell in love with a Tibetian spaniel which I now have at home. His name is Oliver, and he is so cute; he’s now one and loves the good life in my home. Max has taken to Oliver, and Oliver imitates everything Max does. I love having two dogs and watching them interact, keeping each other company.

One of my passions is swimming laps; I try to swim ½ mile about five times a week. While exercise is not for everyone, I love it! You’d think that I would be 100 pounds, but you would be wrong!!! It’s my mother’s genes—thanks Mom!!!  I am also a big proponent of eating as much organically grown food or locally grown food as possible.  Did you all see the documentary “Food, INC.”  That will enlighten you about our food system in America!

I have lived and taught primarily in Florida for the past 33 years, and raised my children in the public schools here in Florida, where I just recently retired from  my full time professorship  in English and education.  Nurturing future teachers is a natural fit for me. I also live on an island just outside of Boston in a quaint Cape Cod cottage by the sea, perfect for writing and casually relaxing with friends and family. New England is in my blood, so to speak, and I am part of all that is New England!