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Books to Read

The Haunting of Swallow Cave

by Margaret Desjardins

Illustrated by Lisa Bohart

In this the first of the Z-Dawg series, this haunting tale of mystery and intrigue, twists and turns as two modern day teenage cousins untangle a 350 year old island mystery. A real Nahant, Massachusetts tale about Witch Wonderful, the Narragansett Indians driven from their land on Cape Cod during the King Phillips War of 1675, and four kids trying to find out what went wrong. Can they decipher the witch’s incantation? What exactly happened to Witch Wonderful on that fateful day in 1675, and why did history get so mixed up? It involves two kids from Florida, two Island girls, one Dunkin Donuts Cafe, and a haunted cave so perilous that it can only be accessed during very low tide. The setting is a mile long island, eight miles north of Boston, surrounded by jagged cliffs, white sandy beaches, and a spooky apparition who walks the shores near Swallow Cave at sunset. This is a mystery that only Z-dog, the brainiac teenager and his love struck cousin, TW, can solve. What happens next is unbelievable! Read on!


The Pirate Ghost of Dungeon Cave

By Margaret Desjardins

Illustrated by Lisa Bohart

In the second of the Z-Dawg series we find Z-Dawg in attack mode as he and his friends search deep into the Lynn Woods Reservation at midnight to solve the mystery of the pirate and the lost treasure! Legend has it that Pirate Tom Veal was buried alive at Dungeon Rock during a major earthquake in the 1600’s. The pirate’s treasure was buried along with him! To this day the treasure has never been found–until now! Ranger Dan has been hearing noises coming from Dungeon Cave, a dark and dangerous tunnel dug by Hiram Marble in the 1800’s as he searched for the lost treasure by holding séances and talking to the dead. Zack and his friends begin to unravel the mystery, one clue at a time, when they accidently stumble upon a mysterious old wooden box in the stone foundation of the cellar at the Ranger House. The contents of that box could just place their lives in great danger. Who are the bad guys holding séances in the woods at midnight, and calling upon the ghost of Pirate Tom? Will the bad guys find the Ring of the Lost Maiden they need to find the buried treasure? And will the bad guys risk everything for that ring? Since Zack has the ring, how far is he willing to go, placing his friends and family in jeopardy?


The Screaming Witch of Olde Salem Village

By Margaret Desjardins

Illustrated by Lisa Bohart


The third book in the Z-Dawg series finds Zack in attack mode again. Zack and Grandpa are living in a haunted apartment building, high on a hill, in a place that was once Ground Zero for the witch trials held in 1692. Then, in 1874, The Danvers State Mental Hospital was built on this exact spot! This place is haunted. Dead bodies have been callously tossed into unmarked graves after torturous experiments done to them at the hospital. There is screaming and moaning coming from the walls and floorboards of the condominium, where 14 year old Bridget Bradshaw, and her mom live. Bridget is a descendant of Sarah Bradshaw, who was accused of witchcraft by John Hathorne.   Hathorne placed a curse on her family for all eternity. Then, her great, great, grandmother, also Sarah Bradshaw, was tortured in the mental hospital because of a horrible secret that she carried to her grave. Bridget and her mom need help. How will Z-Dawg help reverse the curse and set the tortured spirits free after 300 years? Evil resides in this dark place, at Ground Zero!

The Trouble with the Dungeon

by Isabella M. Desjardins

with Margaret M. Desjardins

Illustrated by Lisa Bohart

Once upon a time…Wait! Wait! Wait! Before I begin, reader, I must tell you about a little girl who was sweet and kindhearted. UNTIL, something very bad happened! And until she lost her courage!

The kind King and Kaiyte baked a fresh meal to bring to the Jailer. Kaiyte and the King walked through the living room to the dusty old creaky iron door. That door led to the rickety, creaky stairs, which lead to a long slimy passageway, which lead past those HORRIFYING witches, which lead to the smelly hole of a dungeon which smelled like a dinosaur’s breath and a million rotting eggs combined. That’s where the Jailer guarded the dungeon day and night.